Let’s make something happen!

It’s been said that the only constant in life is change. And today, we’re faced with marketing challenges that require us to rise up and create positive economic, environmental and social change. They require us to make Critical Shifts, to fundamentally change our behaviors.

An increasingly competitive marketplace. Elevated consumer expectations for brand relationships and behavior. Changing demographics. Evolving values. Unengaged workers in an era when innovation and productivity are desperately needed. Urgent calls to reduce, reuse and recycle, to reduce our footprint, to buy and manufacture more sustainable products.

The old tools are no longer adequate to navigate these changes – they weren’t created to solve the kinds of problems we have today. Making these Critical Shifts requires a new set of tools borrowed from behavioral science.

We specialize in creating behavior change in brands, employees and consumers.

Critical Shift Consulting brings the best of today’s latest scientific breakthroughs to the world of marketing. We’re living in a golden age of understanding our own behavior, choices, habits and brains. Today’s scientists are revealing new insights into our daily lives and decision-making process. When you combine these revolutionary findings with solid strategic thinking, suddenly new possibilities emerge to create positive behavior change in your brand, organization, marketplace and consumers’ lives.

Progressive companies turn to us for strategies and communications that do more – they make things happen. They create movement. They lead to Critical Shifts. We’re at the leading edge of this emerging field, synthesizing the most important ideas of our day and putting them into action. Our approach incorporates the latest research and translates it into practical, applicable plans and messaging. Plain and simple, we help bridge the gap between attitudes and actions, creating new, meaningful and sustainable behaviors. Let’s get started!