About Us

Critical Shift works with progressively-minded clients who seek to create positive impact in the world through better products, better workplaces and better choices. Using sound principles from the world of behavioral science, we can create a future that’s more sustainable, healthy and productive without sacrificing each person’s right to choose what’s best for herself.

We choose to work with clients who:

  • Demonstrate genuine commitment to creating positive change
  • Respect our value and time
  • Aren’t afraid to try new things – and learn from fast failures
  • Are fun to get a beer with and laugh with

We’ve also made a few other important choices:

  • We’re small on purpose. We like to do the work, not all the other stuff that takes up time – like office politics.
  • We’re responsive. It drives us nuts waiting on other people, so we’re not like that.
  • We’re informal. Because that’s who we are, and how we roll. That doesn’t mean we’ll show up in yoga pants for a client meeting, but there’s a good chance you’ll hear a dog barking in the background of a conference call from time to time.
  • We’re big on ideas but know it’s the little things that count. We know that flags must have flagpoles to ground them, and that’s why we share exciting ideas with you but also pay attention to the day-to-day details.