Our proprietary tool, the MetaMap, synthesizes findings from behavioral economics, social psychology, positive psychology, neuroscience, values research, change management, and adaptive action. This is where theory is turned into practice, where science and art merge to create results.

First, we examine the three brains: unconscious, rational and emotional. We understand how they influence our decisions and what strategies we can apply to create positive and lasting change.

Second, we examine people’s values through our exclusive partnership with Cultural Dynamics, a global authority on values segmentation, to help people see their decisions as personally defining moments, and so we can see how they see the world. This critical step helps us begin to understand how to frame messages without threatening their underlying beliefs. Behaviors start at this deepest level, and this is where we create the richest customer profiles.

Learning to communicate across these values modes is tricky business, but we bring them to life through a workshop that reveals personal and team values modes, and offers strategies to bridge communication gaps to create more effective collaboration.

Third, we start designing plans for behavior change. We assess people’s abilities and barriers to action, and recommend strategies to strengthen and overcome them. We look at motivation type – intrinsic or extrinsic – because they require entirely different strategies. Finally, we employ choice architecture principles, designing decisions so it’s easier for people to say yes than no.