Our Approach

Moving people from thinking to doing

If you’re like many of our clients when we first get started, you’re still wrestling with some big questions: what do we need to know so we can confidently pursue new avenues of growth and innovation? How much more needs to be done internally to really engage employees in achieving corporate goals? Where are the insight gaps in your strategies and communications that prevent your brand from inspiring positive change? What behaviors do we have permission to ask people to change? What are the tools we can use, since the old approaches aren’t working any more? We’re here to turn your questions into clear, actionable answers.

Brand behavior: How is my brand behaving in the marketplace? How are consumers behaving with and toward my brand, and competitive brands? How do I want my brand to behave?

Employee and Team Behavior: How engaged are my employees? What behaviors are impacting productivity and innovation? How can we increase participation in key initiatives like sustainability, health and wellness, and safety? What are we asking employees and team members to do? Where can we create a shift? How can we help our employees and teams make better decisions?

Consumer Behavior: How does current consumer behavior contribute to our products’ impact? What behaviors can we ask them to change? How will we frame the message? How will we help them create and sustain new habits? How will we measure progress?