Consumer Behavior

Today, brands are seeking to change more than just purchasing behavior – you’re looking to change other habits as well. Whether you need your consumers to take shorter showers, turn out the lights, recycle their empties, or a host of other activities, it all comes down to how you ask. Now, we can frame messages and design behavior change plans for maximum, positive, sustained impact. We can use proven strategies that reduce barriers, reward and correct behaviors, and reinforce the new norm. We can communicate and encourage change without threatening underlying beliefs. It’s a whole new way of thinking and being for brands.

How are my consumers behaving?

  • Facilitated conversations
  • Quantitative research to uncover their current behaviors, attitudes, barriers, motivation type, values, communication filters, spheres of influence and shopping behaviors
  • Cultural trend tracking

How do I want my consumers to behave?

  • Message creation and testing
  • Design and activation of Shift Plans
  • Progress tracking
  • Event management
  • Content creation