Employee and Team Behavior

Recent research reports that nearly 70% of Americans don’t like their jobs and aren’t very engaged in their workplaces. In an era when growth, innovation and collaboration are essential, this is a critical shift companies must address. Whether it’s increasing retention rates, hitting sustainability goals, encouraging health and wellness, ensuring safety, or improving internal communication and productivity, employee behavior is the x-factor.

We help clients tackle these challenges head-on with straight-forward strategies to answer the most pressing questions:

How are my employees and teams behaving?

  • Facilitated meetings and conversations
  • Quantitative and qualitative research to uncover behaviors, attitudes, barriers, motivation type, values, communication filters, current activities, spheres of influence
  • Exclusive Mind The Gap workshop: uncovering and bridging internal communication gaps for increased understanding, productivity and results

What can I do to create behavior change?

  • Message framing and testing
  • Design and activate Shift Plans
  • Content creation
  • Progress tracking and measurement
  • Exclusive mentorship program: Making Better Decisions