Making Better Decisions Mentorship Program


Teams are under intense pressure to create results better, faster and with fewer resources. Simply put, we’re asked to think fast and act faster. But instant decision making often isn’t constructive, considered or strategically sound. When we rely on fast thinking only, our brains play tricks on us – called cognitive biases – that push us in unwelcome directions. This program encourages teams to slow down, examine how they make decisions, learn their own cognitive biases, and apply simple strategies to counterbalance them, leading to better decisions and more positive outcomes.

Program Mission:

Help teams become more aware of some common cognitive biases, learn how to overcome them and attain greater clarity and strengthened ability to identify key solutions. You’ll learn simple, practical, effective strategies that you can begin to apply immediately.  And through our experiential learning lab format, you’ll learn while doing and have access to guided support to ensure successful new concept application and outcomes.

You’ll learn:

  • The four steps of the decision making process.
  • How your brain fools you at each step along the way.
  • Why we tend to think small and how to expand your list of options.
  • Why we like “Yes” men and women and why disagreement is necessary and noble.
  • How to plan for and embrace disagreement constructively.
  • Why the law of averages applies to you. Honestly.
  • How to use both data and context to make a better decision.
  • When it’s better to experiment than do research.
  • Why it’s best to sleep on a decision.
  • How to gain emotional distance from a highly emotional decision.
  • Why we’re overoptimistic about the future.
  • How to overcome overconfidence and prepare for a range of possibilities.

Who Should Attend:

Senior level managers and directors whose responsibilities and decisions have an enduring impact on company performance, processes, corporate culture and corporate and brand reputation. Note: Please be prepared to contribute high-impact business issues/examples that can be used in the lab.


6 Months: Blended Learning - Combination of monthly on-site labs, supplemental team webinars/video conference and weekly progress check-in.  Depending on location of team members, we can host labs either in New York City at our affiliate SocialVoice LLC. offices, or on-site at your offices. We strongly recommend a six-month engagement so we can build relationships with each participant, provide time for participants to apply new techniques, and provide ongoing support.

We know that your time is valuable, so our labs are designed to be enriching for your teams yet efficient on time. Requires only 1-2 days for onsite labs per month + two (1-2 hr) Webinars/Video Conferences per month and one 1 hr. progress call per week. Our on-site lab option means we’ll come to you. Travel time and expenses are contained and minimal. Curriculum is designed for one class of up to 20 participants but can be scaled and tailored as needed.

To find out more, click here for a more detailed overview of the program.  Or, call us today at 1.865.360.1341 to get more information or to request a tailored program proposal.